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Talking about a luxury boat party in Dubai for people who can afford it, one simply cannot overlook the fun and adventure Yachts can bring to the table. Yachting has to be the most beautiful sport ever. It’s an experience like no other where you get to play around the water over the deep blue waves of the ocean and feel lost in an ambiance that is so soothing and peaceful to the soul. The kind of feeling that you achieve from a yacht needs a whole new list of words to describe. It’s a magical experience that drives people to a different zone and simultaneously to a different state of mind. People with the privileges who own private yachts go on yachting to experience a soothing escapade and let their minds free for a while whenever they feel the need of it. While those who cannot afford to buy a yacht of their own, acquire the adventure of sailing from one coastal territory to another by renting affordable Dubai yachts rentals.

Learning to sail is not a difficult venture. Some people have this perception about yachting that this can only be done by professionals, whereas, this is a complete fallacy. The art of yachting can be practiced by everyone who is willing to learn a few techniques and tips.

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At Boats Ride Yachts we are the proud owners of the luxury yachts available in the UAE Since 2012 chartering experience and over 245 boats , we pride ourselves on delivering the most exclusive yacht chartering experience, setting the industry benchmarks & standards makes us pioneers in yachts chartering.

Safety &

We put safety above all else; Safety on board Yachts is taken very seriously, it is vital for our clients to feel comfortable and secure whilst traveling with us that is why an experienced and fully qualified team mans each of our vessel. Safety and reliability are the things that our clients appreciate most.

Value for
Spending Money

Being one of the most reputable and leading yachts charter company for the last years, we provide unbiased prices Within the budget of Within the budget of our clients to ensure have a chance to sail and have fun with us , yachting experience that made us experts in the yacht charter.

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Welcome to the most important yacht and boat rental platform in Dubai, we can help you find a yacht or boat for rent in Dubai and we also organize cruises and special events such as birthdays, letters, wedding anniversaries, company parties and many other events.

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