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From the moment of the inception of the Boat Ride company, we have been striving to provide the best service to our customers in Yacht Rental in Dubai, and we believe that this feature is what makes us different from others. We rely on charter trips for Boat Rental in Dubai Marina that the crew is qualified and ready to do everything possible and make sure that our customers are happy to the fullest. In Boats Ride, we have a fleet consisting of 50 boats of different models and brands, such as Majesty, Azimut, houseboats, speedboats and small yachts. All our boats are modern models and are cleaned and disinfected after each trip to ensure our customers' safety and comfort. We also provide during your trip all the tools for food, music and celebration, and it is also available in all boats and the means of safety and security in case of emergency.
Ferrette 67FT VIP Yacht Charter